Being able to provide my clients with memories they can hold onto for a lifetime gives meaning to my life.

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Working with Madison Banks Photography is a one of a kind experience. I aim to make sure that your wedding photos are everything you ever imagined. I show couples how to pose. I adore candids, but I also love a very beautifully posed image because it allows couples to learn how to pose so that they are comfortable enough to be themselves. That is when the candid photos are captured! I am always told by past clients how much they love my 4 step posing system I apply to every engagement session. After 5 years as a wedding photographer and at 100 weddings, nothing phases me anymore. So you can only imagine the amount of things I have seen on a wedding day.  

Another reason I feel you would enjoy working with me is simply the fact that I respond quickly to your emails and questions. When you have a wedding day question, you want the answer quickly, so making sure my response time is on key is very important to me! Being professional on your wedding day is one of my top priorities but I also want you to have a fun wedding photographer. So I aim to make sure you are having fun with me on your wedding day. You will never catch me dressing casual to your black tie wedding. Plus, dressing up is fun!

Ready to have amazing wedding photos?

What does that mean?

I specialize in post prodcution work!

It means that on a wedding day, I do my absolute best to choose the best backgrounds and the best light but if something is in the background that I cannot control, I can do my absolute best to remove anything that pops up so that you can have beautiful wedding images with no distracting elements in your photos!

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